Loving approach to relationship troubles

About Clare

Hi there, my name is Clare and I am a passionate supporter of anyone who wants to take a loving approach to their relationship troubles.  I have been that person who was told to kick his ass to the curb because I deserved better and while a lot of that made sense to me, I was driven by a deeper desire to look beneath the behaviour I was seeing and stand by a good man who was having a very tough time.

It bought out the best in me.  I learned that you can still love from a distance.  I learned the depth of my strength and compassion and I learned practical ways to navigate this path in a world where the loving approach ain’t that popular!  I am proud to say that a much more beautiful relationship was born – it worked!

I have spent many years studying relationships in crisis – particularly Midlife Crisis and I combine this with my training as a Life Coach to share my knowledge, experience but most of all support for all those wanting to turn this traumatic experience into a successful re-birth of your life and your future.

Much love

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