How I Work

How do I coach?

Face to face, phone or Skype

Who do I coach?

Individuals, small groups, workshops (tailor made)

When do I coach?

Whenever our time zones align!

The number of sessions you have is directed by you and so are the topics we discuss.  You may only need one session to ‘run something by me’ or you may want to knuckle down and make a shift from your current position.

You may come to coaching unsure of what it is you really want to talk about or how long it will take, that’s ok too – we’ll soon work that out.  A discovery session is a great way to talk about this and ask any questions you might have.

My role is to act as a guide through these stormy waters by:


  • Teaching you how not to beg and plead
  • Helping you pave the way for recovery/reconciliation
  • Teaching you how to communicate with your spouse
  • How to honour your past and hold a space for your future
  • How to deal with friends, colleagues & well meaning advisors
  • How to live in Love – not fear. You can still love….from a distance.
  • How to understand the stages s/he will go through.
  • How to be a lighthouse to your ship lost in stormy waters.
  • How to communicate with and protect your children.

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